Solar Rechargeable Fan

With ever advancing technology, man has been able to create things no one could have dared to imagine only a few years ago. By tapping natural resources, they’ve opened up many possibilities, thanks to hydroelectricity and solar power.

The solar rechargeable fan is one such invention. It taps the natural solar energy and converts it into mechanical energy for providing air circulation. Many appliances use solar energy to operate, and now, we even have fans that do the same. Through his photo electricity experiment, Albert Einstein had established that certain materials when hit with photons, emit electrons. This is the foundation of solar power.

About The Solar Rechargeable Fan

Given the high consumption of energy resources all around the world, the concept of a solar rechargeable fan is indeed a noble one. Electrical appliances consume a lot of power and just imagine if they are being used in every home, office, and shopping malls, how much power we must be consuming on a daily basis. Keeping this scenario in mind, appliances that can rely on natural energy resources are a much needed relief on our electrical grids.

A solar rechargeable fan is a simple construction – a fan attached to solar panels. These solar panels are either independent of the mechanical fan or sometimes mounted on the fan for convenience. A solar rechargeable fan relies entirely on solar energy and hence, there is no need for a secondary power inlet. Once charged, they can store the solar energy within the solar panels and can be used at night too.

Features and Specifications

A solar rechargeable fan is quite similar to a standard fan in terms of design. They are made up of lightweight materials, energy efficient motors, and have aerodynamically designed blades.

These fans are designed in two ways: table fans with a solar panel mounted directly on it or a separate panel that can be attached to it after being charged in the sunlight. The solar panels are primarily photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. The photovoltaic cells contain semiconductors like Silicon or Germanium which, after absorbing photons, emit electrons that in turn produce electricity. The electricity then gets transferred to the fan. The fan can not only be used during the day, but also during the night because it can store the solar power within the cells.

Uses of Solar Rechargeable Fan

Unlike conventional fans that merely circulate the air around, solar rechargeable fans have many different uses.

  1. Powerhouse ventilation

Usually, a home with more than four members will have at least four fans, not counting the exhaust system. These consume a lot of electricity. Today, many people have installed solar panels on their rooftops that can power up not just their heaters but also the air circulation and ventilation system (solar rechargeable fans and exhausts).

  1. Outdoor use

Solar rechargeable fans are great for outdoors and for those places that lack power outlets since they can run on the stored energy. Also, being portable, they can be placed according to your convenience.

  1. Travelling

These fans are an excellent choice for travellers and adventurers who are always on the move. You can just charge up these fans during the day and use them anytime you please, no matter where you are. These fans are ideal for trekking and camping.

Different Types of Solar Rechargeable Fans

Like regular fans, solar rechargeable fans too have been diversified according to the function they would likely serve. Here are some varieties of solar rechargeable fans.

  1. Roof Mounted  Attic Fan

Attic fans are meant to drive out excessive heat from the attic of a house and create an overall cooling effect throughout the house. These fans are attached to the roof of the house from where they draw the warm air and push it out of the house. Unlike electrical attic fans, solar roof mounted attic fans run on solar energy.

  1. Solar Panel Mounted Fans

These models of solar rechargeable fans have solar panels mounted on them. They cannot be detached from the fan body.

  1. Separate Solar Panel Fans

In these models, the solar panels are independent of the fan and can be attached to it with a wire. While the solar panel can be placed out under the sun, the fan can be kept inside for cooling.   

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