Solar Table Fan

Nowadays, as more and more people are becoming aware of the limitations of non-renewable sources of energy, the popularity of appliances operating on renewable sources of energy is going up. This is not only diverting the pressure on the our stressed out and depleting power resources but is also an essential step towards environmental conservation.

Solar rechargeable fans and table fans are two such appliances that use solar energy to run. These fans are capable of providing the same cooling effect as regular table fans do, the only significant difference being that they are eco-friendly.

About Solar Table Fan

Like the solar rechargeable fan, solar table fans are also powered up through the solar panels that draw in solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. These panels are made of photovoltaic cells (Silicon or Germanium) that absorb the solar energy and emit electricity producing electrons. This electrical energy is what runs the fan. The solar panels of solar table fans too can store the solar energy for nighttime use.

Features And Specifications

  • Solar table fans have a solar panel that is connected to the power inlet of the fan. The energy generated from the panels is directly transferred into the fan’s circuit.
  • These fans operate on a relatively low voltage (12 V) and power than regular fans. This reason behind this is the use of energy efficient DC motors that help them draw and retain the solar energy to an optimum level. The RPM generated is around 1500 units.
  • The more advanced models come with smart remotes with features like Timer and Sleep mode which help save a lot of power.
  • Much like standard fans, the blades of solar table fans are designed in a such a way that they can overcome the aerodynamic drag and deliver good air circulation.
  • They can be adjusted according to your convenience by merely changing the fan’s angle of projection or turning on the oscillatory function for extensive coverage.
  • They are lightweight and portable, much like standard table fans.

Uses of a Solar Table Fan

Solar table fans are an excellent choice for hot summer days as they are highly charged and powered up by solar energy and hence, run at high speed, producing good airflow. Like a regular table fan, these fans too can be placed in any corner of your home, be it the odd corners of the room where the ceiling fan cannot reach, or your balcony or terrace. Solar table fans are user-friendly and easy to operate.

Advantages Of Solar Table Fan

  • The most important advantage of the solar table fans is that they are environment-friendly.
  • They do not require any other secondary source of power.
  • They are easy to install and can be placed in any part of your home.
  • Though the initial investment is high for these fans, the long-term benefits are many. They are very energy efficient, and since they do not draw power from the utility grid, they can cut down your energy costs to a great extent.
  • These fans are very beneficial in the event of a power cut as the solar panels store the solar power.
  • With solar table fans, you don’t have to worry about short circuits as there is no wiring involved.

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